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1 year ago


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VOLVO FH 500 I-SAVE SUPERTEST CAB RATING Just right: Volvo’s cockpit combines digital features with conventional switches lar (see TRUCKER 3/2022), the loss of power is barely noticeable behind the steering wheel. Nevertheless, some customers may wonder why they should invest in the optional I-Save package if the greater level of torque it buys is curtailed by the Eco mode. In the latest technical upgrade mentioned previously, torque reduction is also part of the fuel-saving strategy and goes by the name of “I-Torque”. Through the use of more intelligent control units, however, it then takes on a much smarter guise, in which the torque provided is adjusted as The coolbox is difficult to reach while driving because of the gear selector lever on the seat needed for each driving situation with the help of the GPS cruise control. LOW OVERALL CONSUMPTION The Volvo’s fuel consumption, however, is still respectable even with the phased-out technology: On the test route, which as always was “weather-adjusted” by means of our reference vehicle, the FH 500 I-Save converted 24.65 l/100 km into propulsion, which puts it close to the top of our ranking (see the table on page 10). But we have to make one thing clear: In terms of pure diesel consumption, the Volvo is not among the front runners. However, the AdBlue consumption is always included in the test, and thanks to the cooled exhaust gas recirculation of the engine, which is already Euro 6e-compliant, the AdBlue consumption is below average (four percent, based on diesel consumption). Just as we said at the outset: Every little helps – especially against the backdrop of rising AdBlue prices. JB Long and steady: With the 2.31 rear axle, the FH operates at a leisurely 1050 revs at 85 km/h A driver’s truck TRUCKER tester Wolfgang Obermaier The Volvo FH is a real driver’s truck. The noise insulation and balanced handling characteristics are just two examples of this. I consider the “partially digital” operating concept a success. The central display can be configured extensively and the touchscreen to the right of the driver has functions that do not necessarily have to be performed while driving. For cases such as these, however, Volvo still fits easy-to-operate conventional switches, which is commendable. Alternatively, many things can also be controlled using the steering wheel buttons. I still very much like the fact that you can choose between eco-roll and overrun cut-off in coasting mode with one tug on the engine brake lever. Volvo Trucks do not offer cabs with a completely flat floor. That said, the engine tunnel in all FH cabs measures just nine centimetres in height, so it is not disruptive. Material selection and workmanship are among the plus points of the cabin; the test vehicle has the largest “Globetrotter-XL” cab with a maximum interior height of 2.20 metres. The cab has a tasteful feel to it and the furniture doesn't creak or rattle, even on bad roads. The Swedish company offers a choice of several colours for the cab. Having shutters instead of hatches in front of the storage compartments above the windscreen and on the rear wall of the cabin (245 l) proves to be practical for everyday use – if you choose to order the latter as well. Volvo Trucks also offers a choice of bunks: the mattress, which is a maximum of 81 centimetres wide, is available in various degrees of firmness. We think that the firmest variant will provide your back with the best support, but this is of course always a matter of personal taste. CAB DIMENSIONS (cm) A Cab, interior height* 220 B Cab, length 222 C Cab, width 249 D Entry, height 156 Seat adjustment range, height 11.5 Seat adjustment range, depth 23 E F G (cm) Bottom bunk, length 200 Bottom bunk, width 74-81 Bunk, headroom 156 Steering wheel adjustment range, height 9 Steering wheel adjustment range, tilt 0-30° *On engine tunnel 211 STORAGE COMPARTMENTS Capacity in litres (l) Above windscreen, total with shutters 230 Optional storage compartments on the rear wall, with shutters (deepversion) max. 245 Drawer in the instrument panel 12 Under bunk 20 Refrigerator (under bunk) 11 Outside storage compartment, top right 195 Outside storage compartment, top left 200 Outside storage compartment, bottom right 30 Outside storage compartment, bottom left 30 Four-tread step unit into the FH SHELVES Length x width (cm) Shallow tray 20 x 30 Compartment in centre console 5 l Pull-out table 28 x 29 Folding can/bottle holder in the instrument panel, sliding and folding bottle holder by the bunk for large PET bottles, three 24-volt and one 12-volt socket, two clothes hooks, small shelves by lower bunk, narrow door shelves for documents, optional red or white night light (dimmable) 8 Trucker 4/2022 4/2022 Trucker 9

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